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Professional Organisational Coaching

Some 100+ corporate staff to coach through the early stages of their career ladders.  Guiding their professional study choices, both in-house professional training and development (T&D), as well as with renowned universities for MOOCs, Masters and Doctoral programs.


Organisational Excellence Leadership Coaching 

Led the development of quality assurance, plus health and safety process improvements across three departments and 400 staff in a leading oil and gas corporation.  Six months lead-time to implement the project to successful assessment by the organisational excellence assessment team.


Coached leaders and mentored 80 staff; utilised change management processes, multiple team formation, coaching and training of change mentors while facilitating regular framework element team collaboration meetings.  

Designed self-assessment objectives around 13 elements of the  European Framework Quality Management - 43 individual  processes (EFQM). 


Led template design for unified team working, organised and led feedback focus groups, element seminars and inter-departmental element team workshops. Led collaboration and sharing of best practices by managing and facilitating regular inter-departmental meetings, and round-table workshops with up to 100 SME’s offering lessons learned.

Scored the highest non-operational OE assessment in the organisation.



Quality Assurance Consultancy Prior to Initial Assessment

Invited to a private university in the GCC to assess and implement necessary process revisions across the institution prior to the national QA reviews by the Australian Universities Quality Assurance Agency. Involved, workshops, seminars and one-to-one support with the professors to complete the AUQAA framework template, prepared documentation for the assessor visit and subsequent triangulation-of-evidence.

This institution scored the first private university A-grade in the country.


Coaching for and Implementing Policy Change


Businesses constantly seek leaner ways to manage their budgets, so we have pushed for change management in order to introduce fresh professional development programs for staff.

This can take some time and if there is push-back from above then we can start with a scalable sample to prove the concept will add value. 

One recent project with an large GCC energy company was to appease staff whose development opportunities were eroded due to cost cutting measures. The company were losing their brightest and best on a monthly basis.

Building a library of appropriate Massive Open Online Courses  (MOOC's) offers an organisational roadshow to market the programs and certifications available. We led a group of enrolled staff through a specific  5 week program with a renowned university and proved the immediate increase in morale and positive engagement (Community of Practice).


Coaching leadership in the value-added opportunities of implementing new, micro-learning online courses. Managed the subsequent L&D policy change and led the implementation which involved hundreds of staff, full-time project leadership of the MOOC repository and training.

Within the year we had reduced resignations and increased the positive engagement of staff across the company's organisations.

This led to drafting policy change with the General Instruction manual, and enabled the staff to enter their new certificates into their official training histories, which opened up the new choice of learning and engagement opportunities to other all other organisations across the company.


Gap and Reiteration Analysis of Degree Programs


This project was to equivalence the 300+ modules of 14 design degrees, as some of the degrees had grown to over 35 modules whilst some were at the designated 24 modules. This called for a substantial Gap and Reiteration analysis of each module across the degree programs to seek topic repetition and any learning gaps.

We also reviewed the Stated Learning Outcomes for each module, reducing many to a feasible 5 or 6 per module, whilst ensuring that each was being assessed in assignments and testing, as per  QA requirements.

Transnational Degree Final Grade Moderation Management

Led degree grade moderation in Australia quarterly, to ensure fair and equitable grading practices across 20+ colleges.

The final degree products and awarded grades were reviewed, assessed and grades changed where necessary, to level out the grading.

Reporting was directly to the group CEO, Chairman, President, and Academic Directors, with appropriate unified templates designed and selective teacher training put into place to reduce future grading variation.  


Degree Authorship with Online Blended Learning

Tasked to benchmark, author, implement and accredit a new national Bachelor of Applied Science degree program across multiple campuses.

All modules, curriculum, assessments and learning methodologies were aligned to UK standards and expectations, with appropriate learning outcomes, and the entire degree placed online for blended learning.

Discussion forums were introduced at the outset for each module to draw all segregated cohorts into a supportive, collaborative learning environment and promote peer teaching. 


These individual learning journeys enabled the face-to-face sessions to become ‘Flipped Classes’, substantially enhancing motivation, engagement and peripheral learning.

Facilitated external examining professor's assessment visits from the UK and US. The degree was successfully accredited prior to first cohort graduation with Middlesex University and the American Communication Association.

Harvard University Professional Development Program

Led the design and development of a post-grad program; authored the contract and conducted the needs analysis.  Liaised with the Deputy Director for costings and program requirements, curriculum design and logistics as well as culturally appropriate study materials; also managed the sojourning professors' teaching visits over a three year period.


Post-Graduate Blended Program Design in Advanced PR and Communications

Led the needs analysis and subsequent implementation of the program objectives and logistics, drafted the request for proposal (RfP) and interviewed 15 tendering universities, rationalised the final university selection.  Designed the program to align with company’s stated 2020 vision.

Liaised with the Dean of Michigan State University for a series of 22 week, six-module programs in social media and corporate image.  Managed the quarterly professor's visits and all Community of Practice module support with assessments, over a three-year period for 200+ staff.

EDEXCEL Validation for Design Degrees

Aligned with Edexcel for three new degree programs. Liaised throughout start-up process to align department equipment and software, prepared degree modules and all documentation with Edexcel and Middlesex University requirements.

Managed the program roll-out and implementation, designed all grading documentation, stakeholder focus groups and feedback; facilitated final reporting and the subsequent graduation external examination assessment visits for successful validati​on of the three degrees.

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