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The Quality Assurance Advisory

Updated: Jul 13, 2020

QAA Edu background:

The Association of International Education Consultants started as a private limited company in, and from, Singapore over a decade ago, with 34 trusted colleagues coming together to offer a wide range of educational advisory services emerging from our combined 700 years of experience. We expanded across Europe, with the UK and Finland branches, as well as Canada. Two years later the world's largest energy company offered a contract which was initially to direct the community and professional learning facilities of their billion dollar culture center.

The remit was extended over the next few years to lead a number of unique learning and professional training development projects to successful operational excellence.

Now based in the UK we operate as the Quality Assurance Advisory and extend our reach globally to guide and assist institutions to align their processes to the requirements of established accrediting bodies.

The Quality Assurance Advisory

offers guidance and support towards successful assessment.

Call us for an informal chat about your QA concerns and we'll most probably be able to offer you advice immediately, useful tips and simple clarification.

Usually we can advise your next steps over the phone or Skype, but should we need us to travel to you we will. You have everything to gain from a simple and confidential discussion.

Dr Laurence Brown, Malvern, UK.

Tel: +44 7796 048 874