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Four Major Benefits of Social/Emotional Learning

In the field of education, it has traditionally been assumed that students should leave their feelings at the door if they are serious about learning and want to be successful. Academic and social emotional issues are considered separate, and anything that doesn’t directly relate to students’ academic performance must be dealt with outside the classroom. However, research—along with the personal experience of many students and teachers—has indicated that working through social/emotional issues productively within a specific curriculum has very positive outcomes for students. Schools have begun embracing social/emotional learning. Examples of well-rounded lessons, as well as testaments to their success can be found in educational curriculum throughout the U.S., in academic journals like the American Journal of Psychiatry, and even TED talks.

What is Social/Emotional Learning (SEL)?

SEL is a process wherein individuals learn to acquire the tools, knowledge, and skillsets so that they can: ...

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