Our Services

We aim to guide institutions to develop their competitive edge and expand their portfolio of services in line with international accreditation and quality assurance demands. 

Position Roles Experience

Director of Learning  

QA Lead Assessor

Professor Emeritus

Transnational Dean

MoE national e-Learning consultant

Honorary Vice-President for Academic Affairs

Co-Chair, Council of International Schools

Early Childhood Program Director

Associate Dean
Educational Psychologist
Accreditation Manager
Team Program Chair
MoE eLearning Consultant
Final Degree Grade Moderation Manager
Acting President

Executive Principal
Education Consultant, UAE
Senior Curriculum Director
Digital Design Instructor
Fablab Manager
Organisational Development Specialist
Director of Interactive Multimedia
IT Development Consultant


​Our services include, but are not limited to:​​

  • Implementing online learning, moving an institution’s teaching to student-centered, blended and active learning environments that are aligned with accreditation and quality assurance requirements. This shift can be accomplished as an initial sample with just a few modules, and as such is quite a painless experience for admin, staff and students.

  • A quality e-Learning platform, will bring an institution in line with its ministry and quality assurance needs, engage students, form cohesive peer support, and so make the institution more competitive. It is important that any new

  • e-Learning system is scalable and grows with the staffs' confidence and experience: the 'Take only what you need' approach.

  • We can adapt existing curriculum, for on-line learning and bring the material relating to development and learning methodologies up-to-date and in line with international standards and expectations.

  • Our in-service or online leadership coaching, and staff mentoring professional development workshops are among the highest in practical quality.​

  • We can manage accreditation, validation, benchmarking, and arrange Memoranda of Understanding affiliations, which help institutions to rise up the international quality rankings.

  • We run Quality Assurance assessments, and draft confidential reports with prioritised recommendations. This will give you the direction and support needed to prepare for your successful accreditation, and avoid institution licensing problems with the MoE.​​

  • Leadership Coaching for Management of Change,  we assess stakeholder needs, agree expectations, form teams, project manage the necessary change elements. We coach leaders, train change mentors, act as team coaches to lead and guide coachees learning through to successful goal achievement, and then hand-over to team leaders and senior management.